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SPX Xi’an Positively Enhance the Deeply Cooperation with Baoji Productivity Promotion Center   Author:    2014/7/2 11:09:55   Views:2287  



26th of March 2014, SPX Xi’an was invited by Baoji Productivity Promotion Center, and meet for the cooperation in carrying out of industrial subcontracting business in Baoji.


Firstly, Director Xiao, who is the director of Baoji Productivity Promotion center guided the staff of our center to visit the service consultation, technological innovation, agriculture industrialization service, etc departments and working situation, especially the agricultural industrialization Baoji center has already have the ability to programming, editing, recording the media services, became a particular characteristic service.




Secondly, the staff of our center had detailed introduced the industrial subcontracting working procedure, especially the industrial subcontracting carrying out model, service business, profit model and so on, and sharing the experiences and difficulties during the carrying out of the business as well. Director Xiao introduced that Baoji in one of the main city of National Key Industrial Layout after the New China establish, national government had established Baoji Machine Tool Group, Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe as the Key Project in the period of “One Five”, “Two Five” and “Three Line”, and these companies has become the industrial base of this area. After 60 years from the establish of New China, Baoji has developed into a Key Industrial Base in Northern-West, which is depend on the nation-owned large and medium-sized enterprises and the national defense war industry enterprises, and with relatively complete industrial categories.



Baoji has been formed to the equipment manufacturing industry, which considered motor vehicle and its parts, machine tools, petroleum machinery, railway equipment as its body; The non-ferrous metals smelting and processing industry which considered Titanium, Zirconium, Lead, Zinc as its head; The electronic information industry which considered air safety equipment, sensing element, switchgear, thread spinner and spinning electricity as its key point; The energy and chemical industry which considered coal and electricity as its core; The food industry which considered cigarette, alcoholic drink, dairy products as its representatives; The new type of building material industry which considered new dry process cement, architectural pottery, new type environmental protection wall and roofing materials as its leading product. This is the six competitive industries of Baoji. Baoji center has the advantages of carrying out industrial subcontracting service, and hope they hope that they can cooperate with SPX Xi’an to provide professional subcontracting service to local manufacturing enterprises in Baoji.


Last but not least, both of us has exchanged and discussed the industrial subcontracting cooperation, and planning the next cooperation that convene the industrial subcontracting career talk.


Through this meeting, our center has established cooperation relationship with Baoji productivity promotion center, verified the forms of cooperation, and laid the foundation to the business areas.

SPX Xi’an

31st March, 2014