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Write A New Chapter In Asia-Europe Trade Service By The Contemporary Technology “The Silk Road”   Author:    2014/7/1 14:54:17   Views:2311  


On 12th of November 2013, International Industrial Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange of Xi’an have received the purchase order of special transformer used by welder machine from SPX Turkey, this is the second order information that we acquired from UNIDO resource channel. The purchaser of this order is one of the welding machine manufacturing companies of Turkey, their purchase quantity of one year is 100, and the predictive purchasing amount is 2 million RMB. After received the order, our industrial engineers have quickly carried out the order technical condition analysis and commerce clause analysis according to the order matching business procedure. This purchase order has divided into two types, one is single transformer and the other one is inverter transformer, and the products must have CE Certification and ISO5826 Certification. After analyzing the additional information of the order, we used the online subcontracting service platform of our institution to publish the details of the purchase order, and at the mean time, we use the suppliers resource from our industrial subcontracting platform to find the suitable supplier. In addition, we have used the resource of industrial subcontracting union to publish order information, in order to looking for the qualified supplier with other members of the subcontracting union. After screening, we finally found out that there were two suppliers suitable for the matching condition, and we have sent the information and product quotation information to the purchaser of Turkey. The Turkish purchaser has compared and chosen, finally decided to choose the company from Shantou as their alternative supplier. According to the industrial subcontracting matching procedure, the staff of our institution must go to the supplier company, verify the productivity information of the supplier, and examined theological level, scale of production and quality assurance system. In order to make sure the reality of the examination and responsible for the purchaser, we chose the professor with rich produce and product inspection experiences from our professor bank, and invited the professor to go to the company with us. After on-spot investigation and verification, the productivity condition of this supplier is suitable for the standardized productivity information condition provided by UNIDO, and we feed back the situation to the purchaser. According to the information and quotation, the purchaser decided to purchase two prototypes. During this period, we have provided several consultation services to purchaser and supplier about quotation price, paying bank, international express and so on. Finally, purchaser has bank the purchase fund and freight charge to supplier; supplier has send out the product to purchaser. Both of purchaser and supplier are appreciated of our professional service and efficient work, and they hope we can have further cooperation. At the moment, the prototypes have send to Istanbul of Turkey and waiting for the performance examination by purchaser and continue the next batch order.




Although Turkey purchase order is one of our successful order matching services, it is the particular example that we acquire the order information from UNIDO channel recourse, strictly follow the UNIDO industrial subcontracting working procedure in China to conduct matching, finally matching successfully, and complete the process of purchasing by purchaser. This particular example has verified that the practical application of the concept of UNIDO international industrial subcontracting in Mainland China is valid and viable. In addition, it can bring out that the significance of existence of our institution is that using website to looking for cooperation opportunities for middle and small-sized enterprises, and speed up them to go into the global industrial chain.


In 139 BC, Zhang Qian start from Chang’an (Now Xi’an), through Gansu Province, Xinjiang Province, to Middle Asia and Western Asia, and link between Mediterranean Countries on the land, firstly open the road between Asia and Europe. Through the trade road in north part of Eurasia, the silk, silk fabric, damask silk, satin, tough silk of China have been transported to Middle Asia and Europe, became the earliest commerce traffic line on Eurasia----the Silk Road. The open of the Silk Road has positively promote the friendly communications between China and the countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. Nowadays, the internet is highly developed and information is quickly spreading, the International Industrial Subcontracting Center of Xi’an is considered the order information as “Silk”, and make the internet as “the ship of the desert”, successfully matching the purchasing order from SPX Turkey Europe, along the contemporary technology “the Silk Road”, carry out international commercial purchasing service, write a new chapter in Eurasian Trade of Information Era.



International Industrial Subcontracting Center of Xi’an

20th May, 2014