Xianyang Northwest Medical Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd
Products/Service:Sinol dental unit,handpiece, technician products,dental teaching simulator systems,
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Name: Xianyang Northwest Medical Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd
Tel: 86 -029 -33289007
Email: zhangj@sinol.cnl
WebSite: http://www.sinol.cn
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Company Name:Xianyang Northwest Medical Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd


Products/Service:Sinol dental unit,handpiece, technician products,dental teaching simulator systems,

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Xianyang Northwest Medical Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1965 as the first professional dental oral instrument manufacturer and dales agency in China. Being exclusively dedicated to research, development, selling, and service, we have made many marked achievements in the medical oral instrument field. Sinol is one of our core brands. The Sinol dental unit and handpiece are our prominent products. In addition, we offer technician products, dental teaching simulator systems, sterilizing products, dental image system, oral multimedia teaching system and management soft of oral equipment; What’s more, we are agents for many other products from many well-known corporations such as orthopantomograph, dental handpiece, scaler, curing, etc. A spirited, high technology philosophy has always been a vital part of our company and Sinol pays close attention to user-friendliness design. We have imported and utilized technology from Europe and the Americas as part of our exploration for new products. Our provincial technology development center employs more than 30 technical personnel whose mission is to keep Northwest ranked first in our field and surpassing our competitors. These year, Sinol not only expands its own research and development ability, but also cooperation with internationally well-known firms, and achieve brilliant success. With its annual production of 8,000 dental nits and 60,000dental handpieces, Northwest is the only domestic corporation that is capable of manufacturing both products. We have 480 testing equipment, and 30 of them is imported from Germany, Switzerland, U.S.A.. As early as 2000, Northwest passed the rigid qualification for ISo 9001 certification. Moreover, in 2003 we achieved TUV’S CE, in 2008 Sinol achieved America FDA certification. In Sep. 2007, Sinol is the only manufacture who awards ‘China Top Brand’. With mutual goals of developing a good reputation and win-win benefits in the marketplace, Northwest has made a corporate commitment to establish a bond with our customers that goes beyond mere commercial interest. Northwest presently has 90 agents and 23 sales and service locations in China to support our customers and our worldwide market. We have sold our products to America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia and Japan. Sinol: Owning high technology and market-leading position Spirit: Provide high technology and professional service for your better life Since lauch of new logo,Sinol will present an entirely new image to the world, increasing our sales by 30% as the market leader; Northwest Medical Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd. will take responsibility to lead the national dental instrument industry with rigid management and constant technical innovation while making Sinol a world famous brand and contributing to better the oral health of mankind.