Liaoning Land Group
Products/Service:geological prospecting and development,various geotechnical engineering design, construction, superv
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Name: Liaoning Land Group
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Company Name:Liaoning Land Group


Products/Service:geological prospecting and development,various geotechnical engineering design, construction, superv

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CLGG(Liaoning GEO-Engineering Group Corporation,China)founded in 1992 is a large state-owned survey and construction industrial group which was based on geology and mineral resources management in Northeast and the restructuring of running teams. It is integrated industrial corporation setting geological prospecting and development, hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology survey,various geotechnical engineering design, construction, supervision and consultancy services,road, bridge, tunnel construction, engineering design and construction of geological disaster control, development of new energy industry supported by earth science for one and responds multiclass project items such as various mineral prospecting and development, hydrogeology survey, ground and foundation work, civil engineering, hydropower project, precipitation project, municipal construction project, highway, railway, diversion and city undercrossing and other different tunnel works, airport and port construction project as well as geological disaster assessment and treatment, land arrangement work and so on. Our company is a large industrial group with the features of earth science and technology and the whole process of integrated management and construction capabilities. There are 18 two subsidiaries in Liaoning Geological Group with the business footprints all over China, the Western Frontier, Middle East, Africa and other areas of international market. In recent years, dozens of works which have been completed were named provincial and ministerial level excellent project. And promotes the management changes with internal market chain construction as the carrier with new ideas, committes to build international industrial group supportted by earth science and full of humanistic feelings and achieved good social and economic benefits. Corporation has been awarded pacesetter unit for many years by the superior department of business-related industries, but also be conferred the outstanding construction enterprises honor in Liaoning province. There are more than 2,600 employees in the book, 60% of that are technical personnels of different professional engineering. Expertise covers comprehensive fields as mineral exploration, engineering geology, hydrogeology, engineering design, building installation, geotechnical engineering, civil work, demolition, engineering geophysical exploration, engineering mapping, drilling engineering, railway and highway engineering, experimental testing, computer, machining, instrumental maintenance, etc. There are six professional and technical personnels in the enjoyment of the special state council government subsidies. That the stock of skilled personnel which profession is complete and configure is reasonable and the experienced hard-working construction team which can be able to fight tough battles in particular laid a solid foundation of human resources for the company's continued growth. Liaoning Geological Group (subsidiaries excluded) with the total equity capital of direct registration 510 million holds a series of general contracting and professional contracting qualifications, including: higher-level geological exploration, hydrogeology survey (miscellaneous) Class A and various types of buildings, highways, tunnels, bridges, construction of mapping engineering, etc. Group headquarters and holding institutions have passed the ISO-9001 quality, environment, health and safety management system certification.