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Service Introduction -Service Description

Business evaluation services UNIDO (UNIDO) to better quality enterprises and deliberately choose to provide a set of services. The full name is: UNIDO Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange (SPX) Programme UNIDO-SPX Benchmarking Tool. Chinese abbreviation: SPX benchmark assessment tools. Its core consists mainly of two parts, the "assessment tools" and "evaluation system." Assessment tool is mainly used to collect dynamic enterprise information and data; evaluation system is mainly used for statistics and analysis of enterprise users, and this analysis is an intelligent analysis algorithm performed. It is a global enterprise evaluation criteria are 45,000 healthy functioning of the enterprise.

It allows SPX center through the following methods to support the formation of long-lasting profitable business operations:

  • Accelerate business processes have become internationally competitive enterprises
  • Focus on business opportunities in the ability to deal with a known supplier
  • Capabilities allow enterprises where the buyers have high visibility

SPX benchmark assessment tools database. Dynamic Data - with about 45,000 SMEs through validation data comparison; internationalization - from more than 40 international companies; supplementary data - financial data of another 75,000 SMEs; Cooperation with Winning Moves Benchmark Index and PROBE companies. Strengthen many aspects of the following: respect for SMEs to enter the world's largest database of quantitative and qualitative indicators and ratios, performance and methods reviewed, promote self-evaluation of our team, the purpose is to predict and meet the needs of buyers, in order to determine the need for improvement facilitate informed strategic improvement plan, and have the opportunity to approach and performance on standardized international comparison, the industry can be compared Company data confidentiality, generating immediate personalized business reports, generate comprehensive reports and analysis based on corporate reporting.

The Advantages of the Assessment

  •   ✔ On a thorough understanding of business performance
  •   ✔Comments Target Business
  •   ✔ Accurate identification of strengths and weaknesses
  •   ✔ Customer-oriented
  •   ✔ Build awareness of best practices - explain what is possible
  •   ✔ Track their own and competitors' developments - a line in the sand
  •   ✔ Assessment Tool - developed based on information provided by small business owners


Evaluation process focused, balanced and flexible. Dimensional graphical reports issued

How to use -Service Use

Step 1:Have a general understanding of the evaluation service related to the information and content service through the introduction above(Download the Evaluation Service Introduction PPT slides file)。

Step 2: Become one of the enterprise member of the platform.(REGISTER NOW>>,If you are the member of the platform already, pleaseLOGIN>>,If you have logged in already, please skip this step)。

The 3 step: Key in the background of the enterprise, click the platform services under the section.APPLY FOR EVALUATION Please fill in the information and data needed and submit.

Step 4: Click to download the application form link to assessment page, download the form and fill in it. When you completed all the form including contact information, please submit the form on this page.

Step 5: Waiting for the audit results. Generally 20 working days is required. We will send the assessment report to you when the result is out.